What is Marketing?

What is Marketing?

Is it the 4p’s or the 7p’s? Is it segmenting, targeting or positioning? Is it research? Is it Branding? Is it PR, Advertising or Personal Selling? Is it measuring? Is it chat bots, AR or VR? Is it analytics – FB or Google? Is it mobile apps, social media or digital?

Or is it something bigger?

Sure, all of the things mentioned above are tools or models that we can use in our marketing endeavours but they aren’t marketing. Marketing is much bigger, much more powerful and much simpler than all of these things.

Marketing is just people who care, doing important stuff, for people that matter and out of all that comes worthwhile, positive, mutually beneficial, long term relationships.

So for me, Marketing is Relationship – empathic, win-win, long term relationships.

Is your Marketing chasing short term flings or building strong long term relationships?

Think about it.

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